ELSIUS management is made up of a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who are experienced in bringing complex and highly-regulated medical devices to market. They bring more than 70 years of expertise in medical devices start up and more than 50 in blood oxygenation experience, coupled with extensive success in leveraging private investors’ money with government non dilutive funds.

Alessandro Biglioli

MBA, PEng - Founder & CEO

Alessandro is a serial startup entrepreneur with significant experience in bringing highly-regulated class III medical devices to market (including all aspects of product inception, development, testing, production and commercialization). He was with Ension, Inc., since the very beginning (2001) and has held senior executive positions in numerous companies where he was responsible for >90 million dollars in P&O. So far, Alessandro has participated in raising $40M from private and public sources for his companies. Alessandro has had extensive experience with ECMO technology since the 1990s and was responsible for the development and worldwide marketing of the Senko Mera oxygenator. Alessandro holds MSc in aerospace engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan and  MBA from University of Calgary.

Alessandro focuses on fund raising and oversees the business development of the company.

Alice Guest

PhD - VP Operations

Alice has extensive experience with the transfer of technology to business applications, the management of the start up environment and organizational skills that are needed to put together a successful operation. She has research experience across the world including Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena where she managed complex multidisciplinary projects. Her career took her to academia and then industry where she continued to excel and developed the communication skills necessary for a start up operation. She holds PhD in geophysics from Charles University in Prague and is PGeo APEGA member in Alberta.

Alice manages administrative, accounting, regulatory and government affairs and keeps the operations working smoothly. 

Karelia H. Delgado-Magnero

MSc, EIT - Laboratory Manager

Karelia holds combined knowledge of engineering and biophysics and  is a perfect match for her role as a lab manager in our company. Karelia completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Cuba, a Master of Science in Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Calgary, and is registered as an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) with APEGA.

Working as a Biomedical Design Engineer, Karelia is responsible for our lab management, including the equipment acquisition, chemical storage, and the development and manufacturing of the EBS coating on the ECMO device.


ELSIUS is currently working with a number of individuals who are assisting the company on an as-needed basis. Once the company starts to need their specific expertise (regulatory/QA, Clinical trials, Manufacturing, marketing and sales) some of these will be moved over to more formal roles with the company.

Advisory Boards

Dr. Joseph Bellezzo (San Diego, USA) Dr. Bellezzo is the Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. He also serves as the Ultrasound Director and the Emergency Department ECLS Director. Dr. Bellezzo is one of the founders of ED ECMO (, an organization dedicated to promoting resuscitationist-initiated extracorporeal life support (ECMO) and enhanced CPR. He is a strong supporter of expanded use case scenarios for ECMO, especially those in non-traditional emergency-type settings.

Prof. Brian Grunau (Vancouver, Canada) Dr. Grunau is an emergency physician at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC (Department of Emergency Medicine Scientist, Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences). He has a strong interest in emergency ECMO and is a principal Investigator for the seminal BC ECPR Trial for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Prof. Ken Parhar (Calgary, Canada) Dr. Parhar is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Calgary. He is involved with the provision of ECMO services at the Foothills Hospital and has had active research programs, including publications, on ECMO.

Prof. Hans Peter Wendel (Tübingen, Germany) Prof. Wendel is recognized as a world-leading expert in the hemostaseology of extracorporeal circulation and blood interactions with foreign surfaces. He directs the Clinical Research Laboratory in the Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at the Universitäts Klinikum in Tübingen. His work is particularly relevant to the use of heart-lung machines, cardiac support systems (such as ECMO), hemodialysis as well as implants that come into direct contact with blood (e.g. artificial heart valves, vascular prostheses, stents, etc.). Much of Prof. Wendel’s research is directed towards improving the blood compatibility towards foreign materials and he has published extensively in first-rate peer reviewed scientific journals on this matter.

Prof. Paolo Biglioli (Milan, Italy) Dr. Biglioli is a retired cardiac surgeon and past-president of the European Cardiovascular Surgery Society. He was Head of the Faculty of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Milan and Scientific Director of the Centro Cardiologico Monzino in Milan, the first European hospital to be entirely focused on cardiac care.

Prof. Fabiana Rossi (Milan, Italy) Dr. Rossi is professor of physiopathology cardiocirculatory techniques and cardiovascular perfusion at the University of Milano. She is also head of the perfusionist department at the Centro Cardiologic Monzino in Milano and author of numerous papers on perfusion and ECMO techniques related to post cardiac surgery and respiratory support

陈益祥主任(中国台湾), Prof. Yi-sharng Chen, NTU Hospital, Head of adult and pediatric cardiac surgery, president AP-ELSO

周成斌主任医师 Dr. ChengbinZhou, 广东省人民医院体外循环科主任

赵举主任医师, Dr Ju Zhao,中国科学院阜外医院体外循环中心


Support Services

Legal services: George Tai, Partner, Dentons LLP

Accounting: Nathan Geib, Partner, Geib & Company