There are basically two kinds of investments: those made with just financial returns in mind, and those made with passion (as well as financial returns) as driver.

We think it would be wonderful if your investments were in something you feel passionate about. That is exactly what this business is about—an investment in a company developing a technology that truly represents a big step ahead in patient care, a global product that will positively impact the lives of the weakest and sickest of us….. and of future generations of patients. How often is one confronted with the opportunity to invest in an emerging technology that could truly benefit a part of humanity that is sick and in need of help, while at the same time profiting from this endeavor? The answer is :” not many”, so we feel Elsius represents that rare opportunity to bridge passion for socially impactful endeavors with solid monetary return.

Elsius also represents that very rare case of a complex biomedical device that is almost ready for market in a very short time, the usually expensive and time consuming R&D for invasive blood contacting devices has been already performed and paid for and only minor developments remain prior to access to market and profitability.

Finally a quick word about an exceptional management team, comprised of seasoned veterans with many years of experience both in the biomedical industry and in the start up world (about 70 years combined of cardiovascular field experience in about 20 companies), assuring that Elsius will be effectively, responsibly and ethically managed to success.

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