Elsius is a Canadian company based in Calgary that will produce and commercialize worldwide an ECMO system that addresses the shortcomings of current clinical systems which are not optimal for patient recovery and cost containment, ultimately resulting in a higher number of lives saved, shorter hospitalization times and finally lower costs to healthcare systems worldwide.

Elsius management has a combined expertise in medical devices start up companies of more than 60 years and it’s headed by Mr. Alessandro Biglioli who is a serial entrepreneur with a  history of successes (this is his 14th company). He has direct experience in blood oxygenation devices and how to develop, certify, produce and sell them.

The market for ECMO is greatly expanding, due to an aging population, more and more in need of respiratory and circulatory support. Expanding evidence of its clinical effectiveness and the emergence of doctors and centres that are willing to use it as a standard therapy, instead of a last resort technology, are a testament of it.

Moreover there is a growing body of public domain news and information regarding ECMO and its effectiveness, with such high profile cases as the Japanese woman resuscitated after 7 hours of apparent death or the Italian boy brought back to life after 42 minutes underwater or the Australian man revived 75 minutes after a heart attack stopped his heart. All over the world cases like this become more and more common to the point that we can only speculate of how many more could be saved with a better technology like the one Elsius is developing.

News references ECMO high profile cases