Elsius makes it to the finals of the Slush Tokyo pitching competition

Elsius makes it to the finals of the Slush Tokyo pitching competition

We’re at the final stages of the Slush Tokyo Pitch Contest. From the hundreds of motivated startups that have applied, 80 were carefully selected to pitch in front our judges and audience. 18 fortunate startups advanced to the semi-finals, and now, we’ve finally come down to the final four.

The finalists for Slush Tokyo Pitch Contest are the following:

Dot Incorporation

Founded in September 2014, as a pioneer in accessible and affordable technologies for the visually impaired and the blind, Dot is making daily routines, which people usually take for granted, available for everyone. The first one of those is the Dot Watch, which they already brought to the market. Step by step, the team is aiming to produce more assistive devices for the less-sighted among us.

Elsius Biomedical Inc.

The Canadian-based company, founded in April 2015, Elsius Biomedical Inc. is shortening hospitalization times and saving human lives with their technology, addressing the shortcomings of current clinical systems. Their Elsius system and ECMO technology are effective in patient recovery, and also more affordable, which cuts down the health care systems costs. They have already saved lives that seemed impossible to be saved, and gained a footing in the market centers and doctors preferring their system.


Inzpire.me, founded in March 2016, makes it easy for brands to discover, connect, and pay influencers to share inspiring stories. The marketplace contains multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Website blogs and Instagram. So far team has grown their influencer base to over 300 million followers across the globe, and the team is now looking to take the next step by utilizing data and machine learning. As Norwegian company, Inzpire.me is one of the Nordic startups we have at Slush Tokyo this year.

MacroSpace Inc.

This company is developing GITAI and GITAI OS – a software to synchronize a human to a humanoid robot via the internet. The team of two is using robotics, VR, communication and machine learning technologies to make it happen, and have developed their specialized software from scratch.

We congratulate all four of them, and wish them best of luck to the finals taking place on the Main Stage at 4:15 pm!



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