ECMO technology
How does ECMO work?

ECMO is a very complex lifesaving technology that provides circulatory and respiratory support to very sick patients experiencing some kind of circulatory or respiratory failures.

Bioactive Surface

We are looking into solutions to enhance the biocompatibility of ECMO. This could make the usage of ECMO mainstream and it could transform the way we look at blood contacting surfaces altogether.

Rational invest
Elsius: invest rationally

How often is one confronted with the opportunity to invest in an emerging technology that could truly benefit a part of humanity that is sick and in need of help, while at the same time profiting from this endeavor?

264 U.S. hospitals out of more than 6,000 in the country have the ability to perform ECMO

The Washington Post published an article discussing the use of ECMO availability and pros and cons during this pandemic:...

ECMO used for patients with coronavirus

ECMO machines are used to care for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome as  stated in the article "We need...